Chemical Blacking

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Other Processes

We also offer zinc and manganese phosphate process of large items. As well as chemical blacking and phosphating, we offer a range of other processes.

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We offer 24 hour turn around

Get in touch with us if you require a quick turn around for you order. In many cases we can offer a 24 services.

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Welcome to Exceed Chemical Blacking

The leading supplier of high quality chemical blacking and metal finishing throughout the West Midlands area.

Exceed Chemical Blacking

Over the past four decades Exceed Chemical Blacking has built an excellent reputation amongst our clients by simply continuing to run the business on the same foundations it was built on all those years ago. Offering the finest quality workmanship combined with our competitive pricing and attention to detail when it comes to customer satisfaction and care ensures our business continues to grow on the recommendation of our client base.

Based in Brierly Hill we are able to service the whole of the West Midlands and surrounding areas. We offer a quick turn around on all our metal finishing services whilst keeping quality our priority. All materials used are from reputable suppliers we have worked with for many years ensuring our 100% confidence with the finished product.


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Chemical Blacking

Chemical blacking is a metal finishing process that provides the majority of ferrous surfaces with a protective and decorative black coating. The formation of the black oxidised coating strengthens the component with impressive anti-chip and anti-scuff properties, and the process does not alter the dimensions of the component.

This makes this process especially suitable for projects in which the components are finished machining before treatment, and the process is typically used in the Armament, Machine Tool and Fastener trades, in addition to the Domestic Appliance industries.

Our large chemical blacking can accommodate flat bars and tubes up to 1000KGs.
Tank Spec: 10 ft [L] x 5ft [W] x 3ft [D]

Chemical Blacking
Chemical Blacking
Chemical Blacking
Chemical Blacking
Chemical blacking process [after]
Chemical Blacking
Chemical Blacking
Chemical Blacking
Chemical Blacking Tank
Chemical Blacking Tank
Chemical Blacking Tank
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Exceed Chemical Blacking is also the leading supplier of professional phosphating services throughout the West Midlands. Our team can provide your company with a high quality phosphate coating.

Phosphating is the process in which a Zinc Phosphate Crystalline surface is formed on either steel or zinc. This is done to create a Bond on the surface of the component, which allows the component to be painted, or to create an absorbent surface that readily accepts oil.

we use our high quality phosphate service to process pressings, springs and fasteners for the Automotive, Construction, Military and Petrochemical Industries to BS 3189, M.O.D. Standards and all Major Automotive Company Specifications.

Other services

In addition to our professional chemical blacking and phosphating services, Exceed Chemical Blacking also provides high quality de-rusting, de-greasing, galvanising and zinc plating metal finishing services.

We typically work with components such as stainless steel products, mild steel products, clips, screws and wood screws, electrical parts and components, aerospace components, domestic appliances, automotive and car components and Armament.

As well as Chemical Blacking and phosphating, we offer a range of other processes. Our professional finishing services include:



  • Chemical Blacking
  • Phosphating
  • De-rusting
  • Degreasing
  • Zinc Plating
  • Vat and Barrel
  • Stripping of Zinc Plating
  • Stripping of Galvanize
  • Powder Coating.


View our Gallery to see before and after images of our processes


Exceed Chemical Blacking
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