Exceed Chemical Blacking is also the leading supplier of professional phosphating services throughout the West Midlands. Our team can provide your company with a high quality phosphate coating.

Exceed Chemical Blacking offer professional, reliable and extremely efficient services at the most competitive prices in the region. For more information, please get in touch today using the details found on our Contacts page.

Zinc Phosphate process [after]
Zinc Phosphate process [after]
Zinc Phosphate process [after]
Phosphating [After]
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Phosphating is the process in which a Zinc Phosphate Crystalline surface is formed on either steel or zinc. This is done to create a Bond on the surface of the component, which allows the component to be painted, or to create an absorbent surface that readily accepts oil.

At Exceed Chemical Blacking, we use our high quality phosphate service to process pressings, springs and fasteners for the Automotive, Construction, Military and Petrochemical Industries to BS 3189, M.O.D. Standards and all Major Automotive Company Specifications.

Phosphating services

In addition to our professional chemical blacking and phosphating services, Exceed Chemical Blacking also provides high quality de-rusting, de-greasing, galvanising and zinc plating metal finishing services.

We typically work with components such as stainless steel products, mild steel products, clips, screws and wood screws, electrical parts and components, aerospace components, domestic appliances, automotive and car components and Armament.

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